Thursday, 29 October 2015

Noel Clueit - a progress report

Measure work before you arrange the transport.

This is a work made late last year that will be shown as part of the final presentation weekend. I don’t usually re-show work, but this time it can be shown outdoors, which was always my intention… and as it had to be cut in half to fit in the van it’s probably it’s final outing.

The work is called O, of love taking the form of the slanted O of Robert Indiannas seminal Love sculpture from 1970.
I was recently sent this article that actually covers much of my interest in the work, in how it has become this culturally diluted emblem, long forgotten as an artwork to exist as a product.

The work has been reused in various ways over the years, most notable General Ideas AIDS version, a Rage Against The Machine album sleeve, I think Oasis used it at one point. As well as Indiannas own rehashes of the works in various languages, where the second letter always retains the tilt but is never quite so striking as the O of love.

Here, it is title of the work that sits in line with thoughts over the past two weeks or so. I am interested in how Indiannas LOVE has become this prop, something for couples to pose in front of as a way to declare their passion… ultimately these images make there way onto the internet, images of strangers embraced in front of a logo.
The title O, of love has this poetic feel to it, yet it is completely literal, this language, the position of the comma, might evoke a more romantic reading. It remains as falsely poetic as the work in which it is taken from.

Today we had workshops for Fine Art graduates from Staffordshire Uni, it was a great chance to gather some content for a piece of work i’m developing whist i’m here (I guess this will become clearly later).
But I also had time to work on a few other small things… one being the work above, which is a very rudimentary mock up for a bench leg, I decided it did something way more interesting once it met a wall. So for now, nothing more than a circle and a stick stuck to the wall but it reminded me of a work i have wanted to make for a while - so completely perfect that these actions pull something from the back of the brain.

This is another image that isn’t really anything. I have been thinking about making a wall drawing in one of the larger spaces. It’s a strange thing making these decisions, there is always this reminder I have to give myself that this isn’t a show, it’s a residency, I know how to make wall drawings.

One thing that came up in conversation over the weekend is when wall drawings are pushed to a certain scale do they end up looking like street art… in terms of my own work I don’t agree but I see the point. And also wall drawings aren’t a laborious task, so now it’s cursed to feel like street art, and i’m not saying street art isn’t laborious, but it has made me rethink the pace or ease of the idea.

So this is a test to remove the surface of the wall revealing the plywood surface below. definitely laborious. It’s something that should jar against the benches with the wood now painted to look more like steel. And hopefully, if I use it, it won’t look like some dashed attempt at a wall mural. 

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